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unless: sweetwater gods is literally so far in the past that its events are like legend/fairytale by the time any of the rest of the stories happen (the kind of stories that people like ithaca hold up as absolutely true though like see??? the gods love us they want to be one with us), and the ‘deity influence’ in dead sea prayer is.. magic sickness? cult activities?something not a deity somehow

waittt if push/pull is actually gonna fit into the universe crossover then there cant be any actual proof of Real World Deity Influence though like if the gods for real come down & are agents on earth then it basically defeats the entire point of sacrifice quest. akkadia’s blessings have to be something which definitely exist but are explained in different ways by different cultures throughout time


タルト - Google 検索


タルト - Google 検索

The Killers – Andy, You're a Star


andy, you’re a star // the killers

on the mats with the boys, you think you’re alone
with the pain that you drain from love
in a car with a girl, promise me she’s not your world
'cause, andy, you're a star

!!! sun deity akkadia (‘goddess’ in the izar empire, ‘father’ in the four realms) has a habit of granting certain chosen favourites the power to recall memories of their past lives. they care for these children, giving them warmth and light where they need them

at the height of their power and influence, these chosen ones are singled out as ‘children of the sun’ or made into high priests, but even (as time goes on & the power of the gods is divided and divided again, separate cities for separate gods) in places where other deities are worshiped akkadia still finds children deserving of the power (far in the future, in a city ruled by a deity of chance and skill, it becomes a game called genesis)

*heterosexual romance plot begins in movie* *i roll my eyes so far back I can see the wall behind me*


"I'm more than enough! 

"Three-Star Goku Uniform, Tailor's Regalia!"