Some development sketches for a personal project that I’m slowly beginning to chip away at.

Vampire Weekend – Giving Up The Gun


giving up the gun || vampire weekend

your swords grown old and rusty
burnt beneath the rising sun
it’s locked up like a trophy
foretting all the things it’s done



i still can’t believe i started making tfw jokes. damn u maria

tfw elise damns u 

no wait one last thing : having pp set in the same universe as angelblood/genesis token is actually a huge relief because it completely justifies the fact that blood magic in tgwf works the same way as in ab.. like singer needs ame’s blood in the same way saff needs mal’s?

december 2012 was actually kind of miserable but I cant think of it w/o thinking.. ‘my aesthetic’… like that’s the time that has the clearest grey-orange city skies associated to it & that was the first winter that I would walk over the bridge into the city after school & the whole thing is just city sky glow and low ceiling yellow spaces & deep fresh snow and grey afternoons and im just. augh



alias has to cross a river at a shallow point. alias ford

Alias iacta est 

seaslime replied to your post:  !! elise was asking abt saffron and h…

I lov this so much oh mygod??? and i like mal a lot + ALOE IS SUCH A GOOD NAME

aaAAAHH TY OMG (mal is my favourite child my poor bb) oh my god thank u i spent. such a long time figuring out names for everyone based on meanings of different plants oh my godd

i’m genuinely pretty sure that genesis token has the strongest premise/setting/cast of any story I’ve ever written but it literally has no plot whatsoever. I have no CLUE what happens at like any point but I could write hundreds of pages of the characters sitting in each other’s apartments gossiping or going grocery shopping

ispybluesky: would you say that chess's hair is more straight or wavy?? or curly??

definitely fluffy & curly! :>

!! elise was asking abt saffron and hes actually from one of my favourite stories that i never talk about so. heres a quick plot summary

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